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Double your income doing what you love. (Or, 10x it - why not?)


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  • Identify, understand, attract and serve your perfect Brand Hero
  • Effectively facilitate Transformation and mentor 1-1, online and off
  • Mentor and facilitate  Group Transformation with valuable Group Dynamics so often missed in programs
  • Signature Program Creation so that they can package their unique secret sauce in a way that is authentic and defies competition
  • Create Irresistible Offers that create clients with confidence
  • Attraction Marketing so that clients come to them already sold as a perfect match
  • Personal Brand Development that feels authentic and credible
  • The inner game of  success through mindset mastery
  • Authentic Sales Psychology, Value, and Service
  • Business success: systems, models, and strategies
  • Self Discovery for Unique Value, USP so that they live their unique purpose and grow businesses they love
  • Personality Types to better understand business and service
  • Transformation Neuroscience
  • Rapid Results Transformation Strategies
  • Effects of Stress, Physical, Psycho-Socio, Financial impact
  • Stress in the Workplace
  • Corona Impact Implications
  • Weight as a sign and effect of stress and how to master it
  • Legacy Leading.

This is a Comprehensive, One Year, Integrated Course in:

  • Transformation Neuroscience, 
  • Stress Management Consultant, Certification and 
  • Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship  (with an Earn-As-You-Learn Component, designed to take participants on the journey of personal transformation to empowering others while creating viable businesses so that they do not get stuck in the process, but have everything they need to succeed). 

Participants will be hand-held as they transform during a type of Butterfly Bootcamp! 

Learning How to Change lives, so that they find richness and meaning in their own lives and business, 

attract the ideal client and assist them with coach-consulting, mentoring strategies alongside real business formation so that they can grow valuable, viable businesses that serve clients through impact not just today, but in season and out of season. 

Employing multiple business models that ensure stability, remote work where necessary as an essential way of going forward reducing the Corona impact.  

Transformation Neuroscience:

The wonderful art and science of empowering individuals and groups through rapid results strategies, employing multiple disciplines of brain science, psychology, neurochemistry, biology, physiology, brain-waves, etc, that assist with human behavioral change, specifically focused on increasing joy, meaning in life, improved relationships, physical, mental and emotional and financial mastery, so that life quality is enriched and communities flourish.


Stress Management Consulting: 

Particularly necessary in our day and age wherein one day we can have more access to stressful stimuli than past generations had in a lifetime. Understanding stress, its effects and how to assist clients effectively. The language of Stress Management is one Doctors see the value of and will happily refer patients for. 



Because coaches are the most amazing people filled with purpose and vision, they deserve to stay in business serving clients for years. to come with sustainable methods and not leave Coaching to find a day job like so many Coaches are forced to do. 

Legacy Lifestyle Business Development:

Gain more freedom and choices in life, earn through multiple income streams and improve quality family time while developing  and Leading your Legacy.


12 months

US$ 555 per month


  • Transformation Neuroscience
  • Stress Management
  • Coach-Consulting Entrepreneurship
  • Earn-As-You-Learn


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Key considerations:

A powerful package:

Did you know?:

Structure and Support:

2-hour weekly Zoom sessions:

  • Packed with valuable content.
  • Recorded for replay. and revision.
  • Extra questions, and answers sessions as needed.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for teamwork and support​​​​​​​.
  • Weekly Action Steps to carry your business forward.

  • Pdf’s, downloads.

  • Workbooks.

  • Group Coaching with Q&A sessions to help you to gain clarity and confidence

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