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Lauching 1 July 2020

Real Influencing for Real Influencers

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Insight and inspiration from Jo Hawkins - Chief editor and founder of Influencr

Expert articles and opinion pieces from the Influencr Mentors

Entrepreneurial expertise and Living your Legacy plans and practises

Stories of change and impact from around the world

Wellness updates and trends from our very own gurus and light warriors

Practical personal and business survive and thrive columns

Interviews with incredible individuals who have hearts of gold 

Access to life-changing courses, retreats and products

... and so much more.

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We are extremely excited to announce the official launch date for the all new Influencr Magazine. A project born from the heart has taken flight and has been created with one vision in mind:

To share stories of inspiration, growth, change, success and love from real Influencrs to future Influencrs. Yes, that's you. 

So much more than a magazine, Influencr is a guide to living your legacy so that you can show others how to live theirs.

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